User agreement

        These terms of use (hereinafter – the "Rules") are developed in accordance with the requirements of the current Russian legislation and are aimed at regulating the terms of use of the Site, determining the mutual rights and obligations of the site Administration, site Users, as well as persons not registered on the Site, but using it, the conditions and grounds for their liability, as grounds for exemption from it.

        These Rules are addressed to an unlimited number of individuals (citizens). In accordance with article 438 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of the terms of these Rules is the first use of the Site by the User or other person not registered on the Site, but using it in accordance with the purpose established by these Rules.

1. Terms used in the Terms of use

        1.1. For the purposes of these Rules, the following terms shall have the following meaning:

        1.1.1. Website - the result of intellectual activity, which is a composite work located in the information and telecommunication network under a certain network address and includes computer programs that ensure its functioning, graphical solution( design), content (text information) posted on it, as well as other results of intellectual activity, in particular photographic images, video recordings, etc. Under the Site in the text of these Rules refers to the Site located on the Internet as well as its derivatives.

        1.1.2. site Administration – the site Developer who has the rights to own, use and manage the Site specified in paragraph 1.1.1. these Rules, and providing it for use by third parties-Users.

        1.1.3. User – any natural person who has passed the authorization procedure on the site.

        1.1.5. Account – a special virtual space on the Site allocated (provided) to the User after authorization and necessary for the use of the Site in accordance with its main purpose in all possible ways.

        1.2. Terms not defined in clause 1.1 may be used in the terms Of use of the Website. In these cases, the terms shall be interpreted in accordance with the text and meaning of these Rules. In the absence of an unambiguous interpretation of the term in the text of these Rules should be guided by the interpretation of terms: first of all – defined on the Website referred to in paragraph 1.1.1. of this Agreement, in the second place-in accordance with the civil legislation of the Russian Federation.

2. Subject matter of this Regulation

        2.1. The main purpose of the Site-automatic generation of hashtags based on the entered topics.

        2.2. All services of the site have the opportunity to be used for free.

        2.3. All collected funds are recognized as a voluntary donation to the site administration.

3. Intellectual property on the Site

        3.1. The site is the result of intellectual activity, the exclusive rights to which belong directly to the site Administration, in particular the rights to computer programs used for the operation of the Site, the graphic solution (design) of the Site, the content posted on it by the site Administration, as well as other results of intellectual activity, in particular photographic images, video recordings, etc.

        3.2. The User hereby acknowledges the exclusive right of the website Administration to this Website and undertakes to strictly observe these rights.

4. User restrictions

      & nbsp; 4.1. The Site user may not:

        4.1.1. Use programs to automate the work with the site (programs, scripts, browser plug-ins, etc.), as well as to carry out their promotion.

        4.1.2. To exploit your website for their purposes.

5. Responsibility

        5.1. For violation of the conditions established by these terms of Use, the user of the site is responsible in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

        5.2. For violation of these Rules, the site Administration has the right to apply the following measures to the User:
        – block User access to his account for a certain period;
        – cancel User account;
        – limit the scope of possible use of the Site by the User for a certain period or without defining the term.

        5.3. The site administration is not responsible for losses and expenses incurred by the User in connection with the use of the Site, in particular:
        - losses and expenses caused by the use of false information posted on the Site.
        - losses and expenses caused by unauthorized access by third parties, including other Users, to the User's account.

        5.4. Site services are provided "as is". The site administration does not provide any guarantees, directly or indirectly, including, but not limited to, guarantees of uninterrupted operation of the system, quality of services, their suitability for a particular purpose and the absence of violations.

        5.5. The user uses the site entirely at his / her own risk. None of the site administration is responsible for direct, indirect, incidental damages, including, but not limited to, lost profits, damage from use, damage to reputation, loss of data.